Wood Carving Merit Badge

Merit Badge Requirements

Text Box: The first thing to do is read the
Wood Carving Merit Badge Pamphlet.

1 - Show that you know first aid for injuries and illnesses that could occur while wood carving, including minor cuts and scratches and

2 - Do the following:
	A - Earn the Totiní Chip recognition.
	B - Discuss with your merit badge counselor your understanding of the Safety Checklist for Carving.

3 - Do the following:
	A - Explain to your counselor, orally or in writing, the care and use of five types of tools that you may use in a carving project.
	B - Tell your counselor how to care for and use several types of sharpening devices, then 	demonstrate that you know how to use
	these devices.

4 - Using a piece of scrap wood or a project on which you are working, show your merit badge counselor that you know how to do the
	A - Paring Cut
	B - Basic Cut and Push Cut
	C - Score Line
	D - Stop Cut

5 - Tell why different woods are used for different projects. Explain why you chose the type of wood you did for your projects in
requirements 6 and 7.

6 - Plan your own or select a project from this merit badge pamphlet and complete a simple carving in the round.

7 - Complete a simple low-relief OR a chip carving project.